To and fro

To and fro / 2004 Experimental Intermedia, Gent
tubes, mirrors, motors at the ceiling, amplified sound

Thin tubes are held in almost horizontal position. Given a small impulse they will start swinging sideways.
There is no special coordination.
Instead of reinforcing the neighbours often constrain each other.
Close to the window a sequence of metallic beats is audible. The tubes touch metal wires, connected to sensors. The amplified noise is transferred to the glass by piezos. To focus the view, mirrors are fixed to the end of the tubes.

The installation can only be viewed from outside.
It was specially designed to fit in the triangular space of Experimental Intermedia Gent.
Only in the final setting it turned out, that the outside day light played an important role.
With the light on the side the mirrors were getting a solo catching it, while the tubes were almost not visible.
A second time the installation was shown in a window location in Dessau.