Born 1952 in Bückeburg, lives and works in Berlin.
1985 - 1991 study of visual arts at the Rietveld academy Amsterdam
and the academy of fine arts Berlin.

About work
I work on installation with moving objects. Movement is for me an esthetical element. I address velocity, time structure and emotional quality,
looking for the instable points in the small systems I create. Simple self-made instruments are played by motors or machines.

The playing is often a short impulse or touch, which causes the instrument to start its specific movement and oscillation.

There is an amount of electronic directing the machines from outside, but more important are the interactions.

Numerous events take place at random caused by the irregularity of my objects.
The disturbance and abilities of development within a structure is more interesting to me then their static order.

The coinciding of motions is sometimes not directly perceptible, but in the long run, arises a sensibility for the hidden logic of the system.


participation in collective shows, a selection of the last years

2010TraficArt, Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada
2009Fuzzy Electronics, Netwerk Art, Aalst, Belgium
Motorenwerke, Galerie Oqbo, Berlin
2008Festival ALMOST CINEMA in Vooruit, Gent, Belgium
Domestic Noises, Gallery B-312, Montreal, Kanada, curated by Nicole Gingras, solo
2007Shrinking in: a room of one‘s own, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin
Residency bei Q-O2
2006Several works in: a room of one‘s own, de Markten, Brussels, Belgium
Microcosm, Singuhr, sound-gallery in parochial, Berlin, solo
2005The curtains, Croxhapox-window location, Gent, Belgium, solo
Styro Chips in: X-industria, contemporary art forum Kitchener, Canada
2004To and fro, experimental intermedia, Gent, Belgium, solo
lines of escape, Castle Sacrow near Potsdam, artists from Sweden, Lithuania, and Berlin
To and fro, window location, Dessau, office Otto Koch, solo
2003Flat Water in: Above standard zero, 10 artists from Schweden and Berlin, Water power station Neukölln Berlin,- gallery Algarden, Boras, Sweden
Music in the dark, L’ ESCAUT, architecture, scenery, exhibition, Brussels, Belgium